• Birding at Ralliah Dam and Kunjapanai

    Birding at Ralliah Dam and Kunjapanai

    Mr. Gopalakrishnan– Executive Member – TNS- reports on their field trip to Ralliah Dam and Kunjapanai, Kotagiri Range. Team: Gopalakrishnan, Viswanathan, Meignanamurthy, A.V. Senthil, Lathish, Ponnusamy. We- Myself, Mr.Viswanathan,  Mr.Mei,  AV Senthil,r.Lathish & Mr.Ponnusamy –made a birding trip to Ralliah dam near connoor and to the Kunjappanai RF on 31.03.03   We started early in…

  • Introduction of common Birds

    Interactive programme with the students of Sri Sowdeswari Vidyalaya about the common birds.