Birding at Ralliah Dam and Kunjapanai

Mr. Gopalakrishnan– Executive Member – TNS- reports on their field trip to Ralliah Dam and Kunjapanai, Kotagiri Range.

Team: Gopalakrishnan, Viswanathan, Meignanamurthy, A.V. Senthil, Lathish, Ponnusamy.

We- Myself, Mr.Viswanathan,  Mr.Mei,  AV Senthil,r.Lathish & Mr.Ponnusamy –made a birding trip to Ralliah dam near connoor and to the Kunjappanai RF on 31.03.03   We started early in the morning as planned and reached Aravenu around 7.00AM . Had coffee  with some nice Bonda there and took the Aravenu-Vandicholai road. This route is spotted with villages and tea plantations. After a few kilometres we have stopped in a vantage point and to our pleasant surprise we saw a Crested Serpant Eagle perched in a nearby tree overlooking the velley. At the same time we have spotted a Black Eagle gliding over the mountain peak in the opposite side. It was a pleasant and encouraging start up and proceeded our  journey. On the way we have spotted Black Eagle too.

We reached the Ralliah Dam around 9am . It was a calm place with less human activity. There in the entrance area, we watched/photographed a great tit building a nest in a roadside tree . The dam site is also with lot of bird acivity .After enjoying few hours in the area, we proceeded towards Kothagiri and had our lunch in a roadside restaurant.

On the way downhill we stopped at Kunjappanai forest check post, got permission from them and went inside the RF. It is a birders and Nature lovers paradise  with lot of Birds, insects and  butterflies. We spent around one hour there and started our journey back home.

Birds sighted during the trip:

1. Black Eagle

2. Crested Serpant Eagle

3. Yellow Wagtail

4. Eurasian Black Bird

5. Hill Myna

6. Red Whiskered Bulbul

7. Nilgiri Flycatcher

8. Great Tit

9. Small Minivet

10. Babbler

11. Pied Bushchat

12. Magpie Robin

13. Spotted Dove

14. Oriental White Eye

15. Eurasian Collared Dove

16. House Sparrow

17. Eurasian Golden Oriole

18. Hoopoe

19. Black Drongo

20. Rocket Tailed Drongo

21. Malabar Trogon

22. Yellow Browed Bulbul

23. Scarlet Minivet

24. Bronzed Drongo

25. Grey Wagtail

26. White Rumped Shama

27. Vernal Hanging Parakeet




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