Observe Nature. Enjoy Nature. Conserve Nature

Nature Society of Tirupur is a non-profit, voluntary organisation formed to promote wildlife and its habitat conservation through scientific approach.

Founders of NST are from various professions sharing common interest with commitment in promoting and appreciating natural science, environment, rationalism and social issues.

Objectives of NST are

·         To promote nature awareness and nature appreciation with true scientific temper and rationalistic approach

·         To advocate conservation of the natural environment in India

·         To build participation and collaboration in local, regional and international efforts in preserving Earth’s biodiversity.

·         To initiate and support research projects relating to the study and conservation of nature and the environment;

We firmly believe that only through a scientific and rationalistic approach supported by research; harnessing the potential of indigenous knowledge resources and including them into the mainstream will provide long standing righteous solutions to problems prevailing in the field of nature conservation.

The understanding and knowledge so gained is then leveraged to develop the way for resolving difficulties that are practical and feasible in today’s context.

We enjoy ourselves by involving in nature appreciation activities like nature walks, bird watching, slide talks, short/long treks, wetlands trips and other like events, so as to help educate its members and the public; We frequently engage students and other nature lovers in custom made programs  to create awareness on conservation and being part of nature.