World Wetlands Day, Feb 2, 2021

World Wetlands Day commemorated today by the Tirupur Forest Division Officers – Mr. Krishnasamy – ACF, Mr. Senthilkumar FRO, Mr. Praveenkumar FRO, Mr. Gopal Forester, Mr. Thirunavu Forester and their team at Nanjarayan Nagar Tirupur with Nature Society of Tirupur.
The ACF Mr. Krishnasamy spoke about the various kinds of wetlands and their significance in maintaining the ecosystem.
I shared a few words about the water-bodies and their importance in hosting the birds as their habitats and the benefits that humans are enjoying out of it. Also appreciated the Nanjarayan Nagar people for standing in support with us to protect the tank from untoward illegal activities like fishing, poaching birds and other activities. Mainly being an anti-cracker village for the sake of the migratory and inland birds.
Special appreciations to all the members of Nature Society of Tirupur present during the event. Secretary Ramkumar, Senthilrajan, Nallasivan, A.V. Senthilkumar, Murugavel, Geethamani, Shankar, Karthikeyan, Manoj, Nandhagopal, Shrinath, Mahalakshmi, Saranya, Dinesh & Shivani


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