Birdwatching & Photography @ Gobichettipalayam

Members of Nature Society of Tirupur visited Gobichettipalayam for bird-watching and photography today. The birding spot was around the irrigation canal near the paddy-fields, which is the prime habitat of Herons, Bitterns, Weavers, Warblers, Prinias, Munias and several other birds.

The team:  Ravindran, Gopalakrishnan, A.V. Senthil, Manoj and Shrinath.

We sighted the Red Munia ( Red Avadavat ), Yellow Bittern, Cinnamon Bittern and the Bailon’s Crake, which happened to be the first time sighting for us.

Apart from this we sighted Ashy Prinia, Baya Weaver, Zitting Cisticola, Red Necked Falcon, Black Winged Kite, Indian Rollers, Paddy-field Pipits, White-breasted Waterhen and Herons.


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